The Social Newsletter 3 – Feb ’23

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Project Results


 PO2 will improve social entrepreneurial competencies

Project Meets in Trieste, Italy

All partners met for a second time in Trieste, Italy in January.

As well as the meeting itself, we were able to tour the Ex mental health hospital of San Giovanni, including having lunch in the social Cooperative situated in the park and visiting  Lister a social enterprise that recycles old textiles into useable goods.


Each Partner took time to discuss their module with the group and allowed everyone else the opportunity to be involved to ensure for a collaborative project

Not all work, we were very lucky to explore Miramare castle and form friendships with our colleagues

The Project

Group Dinners are a vital part of our project, this down time allows us to get to know each other better, learn each others background and cement our working relationship.

Partners bond, share experiences and even discuss the project in more relaxed environment, all while sampling the local cuisine and learning more about the culture of the hosting country.

Peer Reviewing the Training Modules

In Trieste, we made a decision for partners to work in tandem and peer review modules,  This would allow multiple opinions on each module but ensure that the goal of the module is clear and the steps to reach each outcome is covered.

The Project

Process flow of the project, including the steps involved in each Project Results

Well done to the whole team, great planning and brainstorming, during 2 busy days.

Face to face meeting are vital in this project, we all need have different background and experiences in social entrepreneurship and social enterprises. Getting together allows us to share our thoughts and ideas and most importantly share good practice we can take back to our own country and organisation

Meeting our colleagues we have only met via zoom, is always rewarding

Meeting our colleagues we have only met via zoom, is always rewarding

Next Stop – Dublin, Ireland

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