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Project Result 1 


Our face to face meeting in Suceava allowed us to discuss in depth the plans for PR1

PR1 will develop social entrepreneurship approaches and quality training for adult learners.

We discussed what we felt were relevant skills for learners and trainers.

Partners also discussed the difference in Social Enterprise and social entrepreneurs around Europe.

Thank You Suceava

Location: North eastern Romania (County: Suceava)
Size: 20 sq. miles (52 sq. kilometers)
Elevation: 1070 – 1120 ft. (325 – 340 meters)
Population: 105,000
First documented: 1388 AD



Once the capital of Moldova (from 1388 until 1565), Suceava is an excellent starting point for trips to the many historical, cultural and natural attractions travellers can enjoy in the Bucovina region. Suceava is also the gateway to visiting the Painted Monasteries of Bucovina.

The town has some noteworthy attractions of its own, including Saint George’s Church, a UNESCO World Heritage site, the Bucovina Ethnographic Museum, with its valuable folk costumes collection and traditional items exhibits, and Suceava’s main tourist site, the remains of the Princely Court.

Other sights in Suceava include the 14th century Mirauti Church, the Zamca Monastery and the Bucovina Village Museum, dedicated to the woodcraft, ethnography, history and folk art of the region. The Bucovina History Museum displays medieval armor, coins, weaponry, tools and ancient documents. Visit these archeological and historic gems before heading to the painted monasteries area


During our time in Suceava, the partnership was honoured to be given a tour of a variety of Social enterprises.

Clever children focuses on allowing young children – including Ukrainian refugees – a place to grow and learn, in a warm, fun engaging environment.

What Is a Social Enterprise?

A social enterprise or social business is defined as a business with specific social objectives that serve its primary purpose. Social enterprises seek to maximize profits while maximizing benefits to society and the environment, and the profits are principally used to fund social programs.”

Social Enterprise Definition (

Social Entrepreneur Meaning

A social entrepreneur signifies an individual running an organization or enterprise to address social problems and bring about social change through innovative solutions. The pressing community-related problems may include supplying food to poor people, providing low-income individuals with access to financial services, supporting orphaned children, empowering women, etc.”

Social Entrepreneur – Definition, Characteristics, Examples (


Some of the partners were invited to participate on Romanies nest TV

Participants from AC/DC, Ostfalia University and Gifted Ireland spoke about social enterprise in their own country, what the impact is on the residents and how we expect the project to make a difference.

All partners also gave their opinion on Suceava and how the cultural visits allow them to learn best practice throughout Europe and bring back to their own country.

Project Results 2

Although its early, The partners also completed some pre planning for the PR2.

This included deciding on some of the modules we believe will benefit social Entrepreneurs.

These modules were then divided between the partners.

This will give everyone plenty of time to start researching to achieve a full module to benefit our target group.

The Meeting

Partners meet regularly throughout the lifetime of the project.

This enables all involved to work collaboratively on each Project result, ensure best practice is shared and allows each partner to share their expertise in their own field and country.

Working In this way allows the partnership to pull together the best strategies, knowledge and skills that will then be compiled allowing participants in their county the opportunity to benefit and grow their own social enterprise.

Our next face to face meeting will find us in Tristes Italy in January.

Regular meeting keep us on track and build strong relations between the partners.

Zoom meetings also happen regularly. 

Best Practice visits

As well as our visit to the childcare.

Our hosts AC/DC invited us to a horse riding and event centre.

This is a relatively new business, where people can host events such as parties as well as horse riding lessons.

We were very lucky to be treated to a horse and cart ride, a BBQ and an individual drawing by the organisations own artist.

Although these are fun outings, they are a great way of chatting with entrepreneurs, see how they run in their country and be able to watch the development throughout the length of the project.

Follow Us

Throughout the project, we will share what the partnership is up to, how Project results are developing and information we feel is beneficial to those social entrepreneurs in the digital age.

For now we have our Facebook page and a website is to follow.

We will also require social entrepreneurs to assist with the development of the modules so don’t forget to like, follow or pin our platforms

“The choice of a partner is the single most important decision most people will ever make about their businesses. The essential elements of a successful partnership are: a good fit between the partners’ personalities, similar values, the ability to be a team player, compatible goals and clear expectations, and mutual trust and respect.”

David Gage (The Partnership Charter: How To Start Out Right With Your New Business Partnership (or Fix The One You’re In))

To have a successful partnership, we believe it is important to experience all aspects of the journey together.

On our mobilities the Majority of our time spent is in conference rooms or best practice tours.

If it is possible, Hosts will often try to showcase their country, including relevant cultural visits or traditional meals.

This allows partners time to get to know each other, reflect on their own experiences and build lasting relationships that often lead to long lasting partnerships that in turn benefit their organisation and target group.

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